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Mountain High


Mountain High Gardens, a haven for eco-minded cannabis connoisseurs, presented a unique and rewarding challenge. Our mission was to blend their profound commitment to organic, sustainable practices with the stringent legalities surrounding cannabis brands. This task demanded a delicate yet bold approach to brand strategy and messaging. In developing their brand identity, we navigated the intricate landscape of regulations, ensuring compliance while maintaining a strong, clear voice. Our strategy focused on resonating with the modern cannabis user – individuals who value both quality and environmental responsibility. The messaging we crafted reflected this dual commitment, balancing legal constraints with a compelling narrative of sustainability and top-tier cannabis experiences. Our web development for Mountain High Gardens further embodied this ethos. The site, complete with a custom, legally compliant age gate, offers a seamless and engaging journey for the responsible, eco-conscious cannabis enthusiast. This project was not just a branding exercise; it was a harmonious marriage of legal savvy, environmental stewardship, and cutting-edge web solutions, all converging to create a brand that speaks authentically to today’s cannabis user.


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Nestled at the pinnacle of Ontario’s wild Blue Mountain, Mountain High Gardens is a haven for natural, small-batch cannabis. They honor traditional cultivation practices, rejecting chemical mass production and emphasizing organic, harmonious growth. Using living soil and sunlight, they produce high-quality cannabis with an elevated quality. Sustainability is their ethos; no chemicals or synthetic pesticides are used, and they source locally. At Mountain High Gardens, they invite you to embark on an adventure of exploration, movement, and freedom, where you can rediscover the joys of natural and sustainable cannabis cultivation.
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