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Sarah Falugo


Sarah Falugo’s journey to success was propelled by our comprehensive branding overhaul. We meticulously crafted a bespoke brand strategy, honed messaging to resonate with her audience, and designed a captivating visual identity. From print materials to web design, every touchpoint exuded Sarah’s unique essence. Our collaboration empowered Sarah to authentically connect with her audience, solidify her brand presence, and ultimately achieve her goals with resounding success.


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This Iconic Life.

Harper’s Bazaar hailed her as one of the World’s Top Wedding Photographers. Brides Magazine and Over the Moon recognize her as a leading photographer in the USA. Sarah Falugo, renowned for challenging wedding photography norms, prioritizes timelessness and authenticity over trends. Her lens captures moments that resonate, with Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar frequently showcasing her work. A British artist rooted in Cornwall, currently based in Oregon. Sarah returns to Europe every summer to attend a select number of events.
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