Shawn Marzalik


Shawn approached us with a clear vision: to launch her digital product with a distinctive identity and a compelling online storefront. Our expertise was channeled into developing an iconic brand mark for Shawn, complemented by a meticulously crafted e-commerce website on Wordpress. This project not only bolstered Shawn’s digital presence but also beautifully encapsulated her unique brand ethos, ensuring a standout debut in the digital marketplace.


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shawn marzalik


Shawn, a certified personal trainer, has spent over a decade dedicated to health and wellness. With five years of experience as a fitness instructor, she specializes in strength training and functional fitness. Her training style prioritizes movement and strength, carefully chosen to help you achieve your fitness goals. Recognizing the increasing importance of physical and mental health, Shawn aims to share her expertise with the online community. Her programs, based on her successful personal and client experiences, provide an effective path to improved well-being.