Solis Movement


Solis Movement is redefining fitness – it’s an exhilarating journey of pushing boundaries and harnessing vibrant, empowering energy. Our collaboration aimed to create a brand identity as dynamic and spirited as Solis itself, capturing its essence and transferring that energy into every aspect of their presence. In our work with Solis Movement, we meticulously crafted a brand and label design that resonates with their studio’s lively ethos. This endeavor extended beyond aesthetics; it was about embodying Solis’s core values and infusing them into the studio environment and product range. This project showcases our commitment to kindling the essence of our clients’ vision, making their brand not just seen, but felt and experienced.


Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
Label Design


Solis Movement is a high-exertion studio in Toronto where the flow is a little faster, the energy a little stronger. The majority of our classes are heated using safe, clean, and environmentally friendly FAR infrared panels, ensuring the studio is always at the perfect temperature. Our diverse class offerings encompass HIIT pilates, power vinyasa, circuit training, and more. In every class, anticipate a fantastic workout, a warm and welcoming community, empowering instructors, and impeccable amenities.